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January 15, 2004



Oh wow, I know Matt Frewer from the old days where he played the cranky neighbour to Rick Moranis in "Honey, I Shrank the Kids."

Rich Puchalsky

The adaption of Gormenghast -- assuming that there aren't two of them out there -- was horrible. They turned Steerpike from a complex figure of evil into a grubby little victim of British class prejudice.


did sting have anything to do with this Gormenghast, I remember about 1986 he had purchased the option to do Gormenghast as a major film, with himself as Steerpike. wondering if he still had it.

David Tiley

In part Gormenghast is about the British class system, and about ossification... but its only the armature from which brilliance springs.

If you scrunch up your forehead and look a the books with the permanently strained eye of the filmmaker, you wil see that Peake describes the story shot by shot. Easist thing in the world to adapt, and quite un-novelish in that respect.

David Tiley

ps - Terry Pratchett is the real J Rowlings. Particularly obvious with the Wee Free Men. There is no justice.

but we knew that already because of what happened to Peake. And there aren't enough of us to justify two hundred million smackeroos.

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