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April 15, 2004


Mitch Mills

And not just sparagmos, but omophagia too! Scary. But shouldn't shotguns work as well against maenads as they do against zombies? The myth probably would have turned out quite differently if Orpheus had been packing heat . . .


I think that's a clever tactic, using John's brain to store extra dreams in case you might forget them before the morning.

Belle Waring

Well, Mitch, I was somehow unable to rustle up any weapon other than a scalpel, so, maenads were bleeding left right and center, but they didn't seem much dissuaded, due to divine frenzies, et al.

Mitch Mills

A scalpel! What an Apollonian response to the Dionysian frenzy of the Maenads! Poor Orpheus probably just swung his harp at them . . . also an Apollonian response, true, but presumably much less effective.

W. Kiernan

Everyone has these same dreams; that's why they call them the classics. It's just you have to be a classicist to know the correct proper nouns with which to describe them.

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