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April 22, 2004


Brian Weatherson



Yay! Congratulations! Mazel tov! Wubba! Awww.


nice work. She's "an angel. An angel straight from heaven."



Timothy Burke

Awwww. Very cute. Congrats to you all!


Congratulations - she's adorable!

Jeremy Osner

Congratulations! I look forward to reading of her exploits.

bob mcmanus





Yay! Congratulations to everyone involved!

Kip Manley

Myself, I love how Daisy and Gatsby up there in the title bar have suddenly become doting parents, gazing down upon their Mai.



Russell Arben Fox

Congratulations! I'm happy to see she (and Belle too, I trust) made it through ordeal safe and sound.


From a devoted reader/voyeur, a deep sigh of relief. Those recently reported dreams were starting to worry me. Ah well, soon you'll be desparate for sleep of any kind, dreams or not.

I'm looking forward to how your trio becomes a quartet, and what the Boss and Baby Vi think of each other.

Warmest congratulations and best wishes.



John Quiggin


Matt McG



Congratulations and best wishes!


Congrats and best wishes sir.

Adam Kotsko



Welcome to the world, Mai. Congratulations all round.

Anthony Jukes

Hooray! All the best.

Invisible Adjunct

Beautiful. Congratulations!


Such wonderful news -- and such a beautiful addition! Congratulations!


Welcome to the world!


What a little star! Congrats to all the family.




The dynasty extends its grasp! Soon the nations will tremble at mere utterence of the morphemes "Vi" and "Zo," and the crests of Waring and Holbo will rule the seas once more! God save the Queens!



Another Damned Medievalist

She really does look knowing -- wow! Congrats sleep, and health to all! And big hugs to the boss.


Well, Violet, to Spaceship Earth.

Robert Tagorda

Best wishes to the entire family.


We have two, and let me tell you: it's double the pleasure, double the fun.

(Half the sleep, of course, but never mind that now.)


Doug M. and Claudia

W. Kiernan



Belle and John,

how absolutely wonderful - I had no idea you had another little angel on the way (thanks, Richard!). Seeing her incredible beauty made me honest to god cry.

Special little love child, flower child, violet colored eyes, most beautiful name, goddess waiting to blossom, peace princess in diapers, one in a million beauty baby.

All my love from California, Cayman, and Austria,



Congratulations! Very Cute.


Congrats, congrats!

Brace yourselves for life with two kids. On the up side, both are girls. You'll love the hand me down effect. Nothing like not having to buy new clothes, new toys. Definitely good return on first investment ;)

The down side? It does not get easier. Certainly funnier and weirder but not easier. Oh! And you'll definitely plunk more money at Ikea than you ever dreamed of. Make that man richer.


i cant wait till they grow up to be teenagers. you'd have a ball of a time. *waves* to lil' vio - welcome, you've been thrown into the world!

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