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November 29, 2004



I understand the insatiable urge to visit idiotic conservative blogs, I have a small problem with that myself. Hell, I used to have a bit of a Fox News Channel addiction (which promptly ended on Nov. 2). But clicking through the conservatarian blogads? That's a bit too far to be diving down that particular rabbit hole.


Charming fuckers.

Hmmm. Where's the rants about respect for rule of law and against moral degeneracy?

['Kill an arab for Jesus!']

Gary Farber

"It's not every day you hear someone say 'sorry, hippie' like that."

You just miss it.

"But clicking through the conservatarian blogads? That's a bit too far to be diving down that particular rabbit hole."

"Posted by: DJW"

Yes, it's quite horrid to read diagreeable views. By all means, that should be put to a stop.

belle waring

I can explain, you guys. I just followed this one leetle link from hullabaloo to the polipundit, and there was the ad, staring me in the face. it would have taken a constitution of iron to refrain from clicking on a link like that. and I have more of the osmium-type constitution. hi gary; I'm sorry you're sick. we're thinking of you...

PZ Myers

What, exactly, is an osmium-type constitution? Dense, black, and highly toxic? Not that I think that of you, but having worked with scary osmium for some years, it doesn't bring up happy associations.


I'm reasonably sure she is thinking of osmium styli for your record player. They don't last at all. They are soft and weak. Because I'm married to her I know how her mind works.

PZ Myers

I think you mean you think you know how her mind works.

I had no idea osmium was used in record players. I've used it as a fixative and staining agent in EM work, and it was the #1 nasty reagent in our lab. My grad school advisor seemed to relish the warning lecture he'd give to his students: "This stuff will kill you. The fumes alone will fix your corneas and turn them black, and you'll be blind. Bwahahahaha."

We treated OsO4 with great respect, I tell you what.

So maybe she's really telling us she's soft but deadly. I could go with that, and will try not to cross her.


As horrifying as the ad and tee-shirt are, they point to a problem more dire than simply the fact that we share a planet (and, for many of us, a nationality) with some unpleasant folks. With the exception of a few remaining liberal hawks, and the odd neo-con who is capable of self-criticism, support for the Iraq war is right now basically confined to jingoistic militarists and those who will get behind any foreign adventure directed by a Republican president. The problem with that, of course, is that the only possible theory of this war under which it could be justified is one in which capturing the "hearts and minds" of Iraqis is a principle part of our objective. The fact that the domestic constituency for this war consists of people who could not, under any circumstances, accept criticism of the conduct of our military or its civilian leaders strongly suggests that we stand no chance of even trying to turn things around (if that is still possible). No one listens to democrats in this country anyway. But, even if they did, it would be asking too much of us that we both be the only ones actively questioning the rationale behind the war and the only ones demanding that it be fought correctly.

Rob Findlay

I'm checking my Bible, but i can't seem to find any "moral values" reference to this?

Can someone help me ?

Rob Findlay

Matt Weiner

Rob--Perhaps they're relying on I Samuel 5? I would've thought that this might be one of the parts of the Old Testament that was superseded by the New (scroll down to A.1.d), but what do I know.


Gary, try to understand the following distinction:

disagreeable views=important and necessary for a functioning mind

crass marketing for incipient fascists=bad for the mind, bad for the soul

belle waring

yes, PZ, John's right. osmium styluses totally suck. they are feeble. not sure if they are poisonous, though, but it sounds like it.


I to have a bad habbit of scrolling through political pages although it's usually idiotic liberal blogs. However, in this case you are NOT one of those people.

I very much agree with you. That T-shirt shows you how desensitized the U.S. is to violence. Every day you turn on the tube and you see people shooting at one and other like it's a T.V. show and not real people falling to their death. It's not support to remind a soldier of what he did and has to live with for the rest of his life. I'm part of the Chair Force so the chances of me seeing action are slim but I have friends who have died or are quite frankly crazy now from what they saw while they were there. It's sick and I don't like it either so there is your republican input!

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