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February 27, 2005


Rich Puchalsky

I don't think that your plan will work, because the American electorate can not distinguish authenticity. You can't bait Republicans by taunting them with "If you were a real Republican, you'd shut down TVA." (Or social security, or watever the modern equivalent is.) Fine, so they'll call a press conference and call for shutting down TVA. This is what they do with abortion, say, all the time. Their supporters enjoy the red meat, while no one really believes that they will actually do it.

We're firmly into the declining empire stage now. Part of that is decadence, when one's society loses capabilities that it once had, and even though the elite in the society can still describe those capabilities (just as one can, in theory, describe what an assertive press might look like), there is no real way of getting them back.

The only real way of fighting the Republicans at this point is through the politics of personal destruction, and through getting the Democrats to be tough enough to resist personal destruction attacks (i.e., emulate the Republicans in that you should never let anyone shame you into anything, and never give up power until you are legally forced to after using every loophole available). That might tide us over until the collapse, after which the U.S. will be pretty much forced to become a country like any other OECD country.


Additionally, liberals could all start wearing cowboy hats thus delegitimizing GOP presidential candidates' John Wayne facade.


I think framing a la Lakoff still works.

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