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February 11, 2005


Larry Brennan

Mmmmm. This sounds wonderful. I've got to ask, though, did you mean 1/3 of a nutmeg? or 1/3 t of fresh grated nutmeg?

By the way, my recipe is even more time-consuming as I use beef and veal stew meat which I brown and then simmmer until the gelatin comes out the the meat falls apart, chill, defat, shred, and then add back to the veggie/tomato base. A diffferent approach to a dish with the same name - I'll have to try your version.

I've never done the chicken liver addition though. Next time, I'll divide the sauce and try it in half.

Scott Lemieux

I was hoping for a good sauce recipe from you--I was thinking the other day I can never find a recipe that can produce a good ragu. Thanks!

belle waring

sorry, I meant 1/3 of a nuteg, grated. your way sounds really good too, larry.

ben wolfson

There was an article in the Atlantic Monthly a while ago--by which I mean six or seven years at least--about ragú, and it claimed that once you've had it the way Larry describes, you will pity those who use ground meat.

OTOH Marcella Hazan's recipe (pretty similar to Belle's here) uses ground meat, and she knows her stuff pretty well.

belle waring

ooh, and it'll take a whole extra day, too. I'm on it.


Belle, you're in luck: it'll only take an extra four hours. For you that should be cake.

(That's four hours using chuck. If you use a nicer cut it can take a lot less.)

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