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April 04, 2005



4.2 million is pocket change to the Government. Every member of Bush's cabinet could front this money themselves from their own paychecks and still have enough change left over to screw the poor and needy. But cutting Voyager is all part of their anti-science agenda, just like letting Hubble crash. "A dirt cheep program that yeilds nothing but knowledge about the universe and how it works? Well, who needs that!"

Maybe we could convince them to sell it to Canada?

bob mcmanus

It is a Southern California vs Texas thing;politics and pork. Jobs are being lost, the new employees will be conservative Republicans.

Tyrone Slothrop

Mark Schmitt, who knows more about the government while he's sleeping than I and my extended family ever would if we studied hard, suggests that part of the budget games that every administration plays -- this one more so than others, perhaps -- is to propose cuts of politically popular programs that will never be cut. See, e.g., agricultural subsidies. That way the president gets to pose as a cost-cutter, and congressmen and senators get to take the credit for saving a popular program. Surely they'll come up with $4.8 million.


I'd like to be reasured by Tyrone's suggestion but then I remember, this is the same administration that cut hazard pay for troops, benefits for vets and gave us No Child Left Behind. Somehow, I don't think Bush is playing grandstanding games with Voyoger. More likely he's thinking, "4.2 mill would've baught me a lot of blow back in '78!"


Well, we all remember what happens next. V'ger will come kicking ass, seeking retribution for its lost comrade. I just hope Kirk-unit will be there when we need him....

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