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July 15, 2005



That was a good read. You have to give credit to Rick for daring to write such Santorumonious stuff. He should feel encouraged by the Church falling Ratzingerly into place behind him. A few weeks ago I read that the Church is getting back into the forced baptism business, with an elderly and sclerotic resident of Florence's Jewish Retirement Home secretly induced to sign a abjural (which he surely couldn't have understood) and receive baptism. The man's children wrote to the Cardinal of Florence asking for an apology, but no response has arrived. Nor has the priest who sneaked in to do the deed been named or sanctioned. Of course, here Cardinal Law has been given a plum posting at St Mary of Snow. Nonetheless, one wonders if maybe such Papist figures really ought to be allowed into high office. I wonder if the old anti-papacy fears of Protestant colonists was based on this kind of Roman ringkissing.
Hackles, up.


Oh, and as for WWBD:

Jeremy Osner

WWBD? -- We want our recipe blogging!


Geeze, Jeremy, I can't cook. But you know who's a really good cook? Woof is. Woof! Give us a recipe, good sir. (How's the missus? Well, I hope.)


Onions and anchovies:
take 2 parts onion to 1 part anchovies. Cut them up. Put a lot of olive oil on them. Eat with bread. Avoid other humans for 6-8 hrs.
How's that?
(missus is fine, thanks g-d)

Jeremy Osner

Mmm, onions and anchovies... I bought some pickled lox and whitefish for lunch tomorrow and have not told Ellen yet...

Tomorrow afternoon Sylvia and I are going to make marshmallows (among other confections), which I've never tried before but it seems to be pretty straightforward. Check my blog to see how it comes out, also I will put the recipe up. This page asserts that merscmealwe is one of the earliest extant words of written English, though I reckon it referred to a plant rather than a confection.

ben wolfson


Jeremy Osner

Yeah with vinegar and onions -- good stuff.

Jeremy Osner

("pickled lox" and "whitefish" are two separate things -- the whitefish is smoked, not pickled.)

Gene O'Grady

Rick Santorum calls himself a Catholic as the result of a misunderstanding -- Trotsky

Jeremy Osner

Initial update on the marshmallows, with recipe, is here, and includes a link to a previous post with fudge recipe.

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