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November 17, 2005


Glenn Fleishman

John, sounds like a big-time power problem. There's no way this would happen in the real universe. Or your kids are putting peanut butter into FireWire ports.

I have no idea how beautiful the Singaporean electrical system is, but this just screams "power conditioning."


And make my hair fall out from frustration.

this just screams "power conditioning."

Well, obviously.


It must be contageous; my powerbook just up and died on me saturday. It's a sad day. That powerbook got me through grad school and built my blog. Luckily, I had just backe deverything up on my iPod so I dodn't loose any data. Bt still... this sucks all around.


Sounds like the beginning of a Vernor Vinge novel.

belle waring

we do have the main fuse for the house trip quite a bit, could that be related? OT, hi honey, I'm at an internet cafe on orchard...must learn about Pajamas Media launch...

Scott Lemieux

This almost justifies my ongoing Luddism, or at least it would if my &&%&* stereo still worked...


we do have the main fuse for the house trip quite a bit, could that be related?

Yes, definitely. "Power conditioning" is when an unreliable power supply gradually or suddenly fries your computer: often fluctuations that wouldn't harm your TV or Washing Machine can be very harmful to your computer. Especially a lot of brief spikes over time.


presumably this is a figment of your imagination; as I have been told so many times by Mac bigots, this never happens to Apple products, only to computers running windows.


god, whats up with macs... when they work, they totally rock, but when they go... they just up and die... no warning... happened to my ibook too...

why can't they behave like windows and get problematic before they decide to die... i mean, windows are just problematic period but, yea... show some signs man!


Funny. Nobody's ever told me that Macs were magically invulnerable to bad power, or that the operating system made the hardware fail or be electrically reliable.

I suggest power conditioning hardware, definitely.

ben wolfson

I, contrariwise, recommend against power conditioning hardware.


Why Ben?

F'in Librul

One copy is not a backup!

Two copies, each in a separate place, is a backup.

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