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March 02, 2006



We bluffed Russia with the Star Wars program and won

Star Wars is still going on and still failing, so i assume the wonderful commenter wants the NSA to continue in perpetuity the spying on random american phone lines without bothering to tell anyone and not finding out anything significant.

way to keep up a democratic republic there, man!

Tom Scudder

I just want to record my appreciation of your deployment of the name "71-Hour Ahmed".

JS Narins

This is so totally why we need secret laws.

If the america-hating liberal terrorists can find out about the laws, they can avoid breaking them, and then where are we?


Which is ironic, really, given that it was apparently a senator's (truthful) announcement that we were eavesdropping on UBL's satellite phone that made him stop using it, completely choking off that particular source of intelligence.
It may well be that stopping AQ using cellphones confers on us some advantage - at minimum, it must be more of a hassle running a conspiracy by courier. But it's worth considering why Churchill didn't stand up one morning in Parliament in, say, 1941, and announce "OMG we're cracking Enigma! ROTFOTHOCLMAO*! Kriegsmarine TOTALLY PWNED!!!"

It was because, fun as it would have been to force the Germans to replace every Enigma machine, it was more fun to know exactly where the U-boats were, allowing us to win the war.

(*rolling on the floor of the House of Commons laughing my ass off)

belle waring

wow, ajay's bringing teh funny.


Doesn't all this mean that Al Qaeda will just learn to be more careful with their communications? They could speak in code, or they could just speak in Arabic since we apparently don't have enough translators. Even better, they could speak in code in Arabic. That'll really throw off the incompetent Bush administration.

Matt Weiner

WaPo says the satellite phone thing is an urban myth, sorta.

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