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July 29, 2006


Kip Manley

Don't hate the player, Belle. Hate the game.

belle waring

can't I hate both?

dinesh gaitonde

Funny. Especially since i just finished reading "Class" by Paul Fussell.

Kip Manley

I've never really understood how one couldn't, myself.



Jim Flannery

Ya know, you might wanna check out the writings (and reviews) at the Art Negro site before you go all Giuliani on Charles McGill's work on the basis of a New York Times article.


"can't I hate both?"

I agree with hatin' on both. But I don't detect much hate for the game in this post, just hate for playing it badly.

The Charles McGill site is really interesting, actually.

Kip Manley

(There's at least two different games being played in the above post.)

belle waring

I've actually heard of the artist before, and nothing I say means his art can't be satirical. I just think the attempted triple back flip move of "real clubs are racist but we're like so beyond that that we have ironic lawn jockeys in the pro shop" just collapses back in on itself into plain old assholery. if they've really got lots of black members, OK. maybe the "music industry" guys are all black, but it sounds more like the members are white wall street guys who sometimes have guests from the music industry.

there is something ridiculous about superrich white men, busy forming a $600,000 membership country club in southampton, making implicit jokes about those other racist clubs. the other clubs are, in fact, racist. but at least they're not flouncing around in blackface going on about how not racist they are.

finally, it's perfectly fair to note that I am actually snobbishly opposed to nouveau riche hamptons arrivistes. I recognize that this is a character flaw. I blame my upbringing. also, it's very irritating when people tear down nice houses to build 30,000 sq ft single family dwellings. why can't they build tasteful houses? they could hire someone to tell them what looks good! old hamptons family people are also too rich, and racist bastards. but they're my too-rich racist bastards. and at least they have good taste and are too rich in an appropriately understated way! like I said, character flaw.

Benjamin Nelson

This post is full of anti-heroes and fills me with moral sadness.



joe o

I am glad I don't like golf.

Another Damned Medievalist

On a totally different subject, did anybody else notice on the artist's site that some of his work is Dave McKean-ish?


I second the eww.

joe o

Mr. Rubin's problem is that he isn't crass enough. Starting your own country club because someone won't let you into their country club is pretty awesome "Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack"-type of thing to do.


I, as a proud Virginian, declare that it is impossible to be properly upper-class unless you are from Virginia. (People from South Carolina and Maryland will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

deirdre dashwood

I'm continually amazed that people think they can proclaim themselves hip, cool and not at all racist. It seems to me that it's up to others to decide whether or not you possess these qualities or not

Gary Farber

"The clubhouse — glassy and aggressively futuristic — looks more like a contemporary art museum in Berlin, which is not inappropriate, since it will feature, upon its completion this fall, art from Mr. Rubin’s collection. "

So you're saying that the new design should be an upside-down rocket ship jammed into the ground, is that it?

I, at least, think that that's clearly the ideal clubhouse design.


Gary Farber

Oh, and speaking of clubhouses.

Jacob T. Levy

I thought I'd remembered a similar discussion here of the NYT old money-vs-new-in-Nantucket piece of preciousness last year, but I can't seem to find it.

belle waring

you can't? I know I blogged about that...I'll look for it.

Rich Jerk

Think of it this way, if you had amassed a huge amount of wealth wouldn't you want to make your own little dream world. Don't hate the players. Just wish you were a player too ;)

Gary Farber

No one liked the Grant Morrison story? *Sniffle*.

And I wrote it myself.


SamC, Belle's illustrious ancestors include not only northern old money but also at least one Confederate general. So she's got us coming and going on the whole class-by-forebears business, no matter who won the war.

Bill Benzon

Check it out, the story of how golf was invented in ancient Egypt by Pharoah Golfotep with help from King Toot.


this so excited game.... but it's hurt to thus who have not like....

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