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June 28, 2007



Oh bother, I don't have those old SCSI cables and Griffin adapter, after all.


Well, you could take the hard drive out and just smash it. If you're really worried about security, the thing to do is buy or rent a deGausser, which will use magnetism to really render the thing unreadable.


Does the G3 have firewire and run in target mode? If you have a keyboard, you can try hooking its firewire connector to a newer mac and then booting it while you hold down the T key. It should appear as a disk on the newer mac's desktop. Then you can trash it.

Carl Feynman

If you feel confident in recognizing a hard drive, simply reach in and pull the drive out. Then drive a nail through the drive, about halfway between the center axis and the edge of the box. This will shatter all the drive platters. The shards are still theoretically readable using the right kind of microscope, but unless you're secretrly an international man of mystery, it won't be cost-efective for anyone to try.


twat it with a sledgehammer.

The Modesto Kid

Dr. Holbo could hardly be an international man of mystery any way besides secretly...

The Modesto Kid

(If he denies it, well that'll be all the evidence we need!)

Jon H

If you have a second Mac, you could try target disk mode, as mentioned above.

OS X's Disk Utility will do a secure erase of the drive, if you want it to.


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