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June 22, 2007



Did my fiancee put you up to this?

"Hi, John, my name is Ruth, and my boyfriend keeps joking about what if we never get around to having kids. Do you think you could post something awesome about a kid making up a story, and then follow that up with some absurdly adorable pictures?"

J. M. Richardson

I saw your review of The High Dials. I've had the privilage of seeing them twice. They're a good band. Have you ever heard of a band called The Pretty Things? The High Dials sort of remind me of them.

belle waring

yes todd, it's a plot. breeeed nooooow. JM--I feel like I've heard of them but I don't think I've ever listened to their music. I'll check it out...

Jacob T. Levy

That third picture looks very comic-booky (in a good way) in its framing and composition-- at first it looks like we've caught Zoe mid-stride runnign toward us, thouhg I suspect she was standing still on one foot.

Them are some adorable children...

Jacob T. Levy

whoops-- meant Mei-Mei, not Zoe.


I thought she was preparing to kick the camera-person.


It's funny, Jacob. I was just trying to teach Zoë that standard convention for drawing someone running: she started trying to draw the Thing, running, then freaked out when she realized that when she got to the bottom of his knee, there was only foot, pointing down. She couldn't wrap her head around it. We had to take a break.

The Constructivist

You should take this blog to the course--for the children, of course.

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