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June 25, 2007



Now that you've piqued our curiosity, you need to google these people and tell us what they're doing now. Maybe they're still together? Maybe there was...intrigue!

A White Bear

Ow, that hurt. I need a nap.

Russell Arben Fox

I'll 'fess up: I have an old Supertramp compilation tape, and I still listen to it with enjoyment on occasion. I like "Take the Long Way Home," "Breakfast in America," "Goodbye Stranger" and "Hide in Your Shell." I have even once sung "The Logical Song" out loud, though that was going on twenty years ago.

Despite all evidence to the contrary however, I insist that I am not entirely without taste. For instance, I do not own or listen to any Electric Light Orchestra.

Matt Weiner

Don't you people listen to the radio? Those of you not in Singapore, anyway.

Matt Weiner

I was going to defend the 'tramp, certainly from the charge of History's Greatest Monsterdom, but I had to go out to dinner; and by coincidence the second song of the radio was the Song of the Wandering Douchebag. Isn't Roger Hodgson good compared to that? And I could've linked to a Hootie and the Blowfish cover, and that's leaving out such estimable contenders to the HGM throne as Celine Dion and the Eagles.

Face it, Supertramp is kind of cute (not personally). And "The Logical Song" was the first time I ever knew "liberal" could be an insult.

Matt Weiner



my boyfriend made a mashup with 'the Logical Song' in it so I had to hear little pieces of it played over and over and over every evening for a couple of weeks. That was nice.

belle waring

granted, Matt, ok, there is something kind of cute about them in an eeeevil way. and I pretty much like both styx and rush, so it's not like I don't listen to processed cheese food substitutes containing one or more of the following permitted stabilizers: xanthan gum, prog rock, or overly enthusiastic synthesizers.


Oh. That song is
1. called "The Logical Song";
2. sung by a man.

Matt Weiner

Now I'm all unsure about whether to link to the video where saxophone dude plays the glass harmonica. It looks like they've got three keyboardists and no guitar.* (It's "Dreamer.")

*Actually I think the "no guitar" might explain why you dislike Supertramp and not Rush and Styx -- does that make sense?

belle waring

I think you should throw in a link to your blog so I could understand that, standpipe. matt, I already watched the dreamer video :(

Matt Weiner

I already watched the dreamer video

I guess if it keeps you from reading Lileks it's all good.

Here, have my nomination for possibly best video ever.


Holy crap. That adds several new dimensions to my understanding of the Blackstar song "Children's Story."

Russell Arben Fox

Actually I think the "no guitar" might explain why you dislike Supertramp and not Rush and Styx -- does that make sense?

That could be an interesting subject for an experiment. Which is preferable (or, more specifically, which is furthest away from HGM status)?

Without (any discernible) guitars--Men Without Hats.

With guitars--Toto.

In this case, I believe no guitars wins.

Matt Weiner

Though, without guitars -- Emerson Lake & Palmer.
With guitars -- Rush.

I think with guitars wins by a nose.


Well, in service of eeeeevil, Jim DeRogatis of the Sun-TImes once wrote about BREAKFAST IN AMERICA as one of the greatest albums in rock:


I believe his counterpart at the Tribune mocked him heavily and consistently for that column, though.

The Modesto Kid

With guitars: Mississippi John Hurt.
Without guitars: Barry Manilow.

Am I understanding the exercise properly?

The Modesto Kid

With guitars: KISS.
Without guitars: Kraftwerk.

Matt Weiner


dave heasman

With guitar - Count Basie
Without guitar (after about 1936) Duke Ellington.

Matt Weiner



I think you should throw in a link to your blog so I could understand that, standpipe.

I'll repost here. Prior to watching the video, I was unaware of both the title of the song and the sex of the person singing it.

The Modesto Kid

Good one.

Scott Lemieux

Without (any discernible) guitars--Men Without Hats.

Hmm, I guess not being Canadian you were lucky enough to miss their grunge phase...

Scott Lemieux

Evidence of which...survives!


W. Kiernan

God also can't kill himself. If I were he I'd sure want to, too. Poor hopeless Jehovah!

Count Cant

Really important point here:

"But you know what Aristotle says, even to God this one power is denied: to change what is past."

He's quoting Agathon the playwright (same one from Plato's Symposium).

So that makes all the difference, right?

Well, not really, but Agathon would probably care.

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