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June 26, 2010



I don't know about Savannah, but I rent out my Oregon apartment from 3000 miles away thanks to a company that finds renters, does maintenance & repairs, changes the locks, etc. for 7% of the rent plus expenses. They direct deposit the revenue to me and send a tax form each year and it's easy peasy.


Wow. Love those fireplaces.


Savannah's housing prices are ridiculous. Lived there for 12 years and watched them jest get silly for no reason. When we left, a townhouse on Jones street had just been converted to condos and was selling each floor off for half a mil. An investor bought Drayton Towers, where my wife and I lived for 5 years. Kicked everyone out and sold the floors for 3 mil. a piece, completely gutted. Our 500 sq. ft apartment, for which we paid $550 a month (including utilities) is now some Architect's office.

Belle Waring

I saw that, dude. I was--Drayton fucking towers, are you kidding me? I have an abstract fondness for its blue levels of glass, but that's just because you could see it from my bedroom at my grandmothers. They had gutted it and were offering NYC loft experience--right in Savannah! Except so not.

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