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August 15, 2003


Jacob T. Levy

Oh, I entirely agree. KBAC, Unbreakable, and the Moore oeuvre-- these are the gold standard, and for just the reasons you articulate. (Though I actually think that it's a little toughter to express just what Busiek and Moore have in common. Busiek himself has distinguished KBAC-- "what if real people lived in a world with super-heroes?", or words to that effect-- from "what if superheroes lived in the real world" stories, of which I think Watchmen is one.) As you noticed, my defense of Daredevil was against the background of low expectations set by moviemakers who had no idea what the genre's capable of.


I actually thought Mystery Men did a pretty fair (and darn funny) job of portraying superheroes in the "real world," although in a very different way from Unbreakable, of course.

Brian W

If you want to toss TV into the discussion, I think the final word would be "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Or, actually, the final four words. "parody and satire of a silly, brainless genre. And yet, somewhere along the line, he falls utterly in love with what he mocks, and he drags the reader into love after him" describes Joss Whedon & his creation perfectly. Imagine a Moore/Whedon project... my heart goes boom!

Jesse Baggs

I actually hated "Unbreakable," but has anyone else noticed that Shyamalan is a Moore fan? In "Signs," Mel Gibson's wife is in a car crash that practically severs her body in two but she miraculously survives long enough to have a meaningful conversation, a la Moore's "Top Ten" #8. And then "Unbreakable" has the whole "we're the same, only opposites" thing from "The Killing Joke." I think there's another Moore-inspired Shyamalan moment that I can't remember right now. If I can think of it I'll let you know.

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