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September 26, 2003



hello neighbor, in typepadville that is, nice blog you got here :)

Mitch Mills

I'll definitely have to seek out mangosteens the next time I'm back in that part of the world. I can vouch for the greatness of fresh litchis and longans, and I had a dragonfruit in southern China once (grown locally, I think) and it too was great. But only having had one, I don't know if it was up to southern Vietnam standards.

I was amazed in my time in Asia at the incredible variety of interesting tropical fruit that I had never seen or heard of before. A lot of it looks downright absurd, like it was drawn by Dr. Seuss or something. I'm particularly fond of the looks of the fuzzy little rambutans. Of course the durian looks (and smells) like it was designed by DARPA.

And yep, that's strange about John and fruit. But perhaps it DOES explain why he chose an apple orchard as an analogy in that discussion on file sharing.


Uncle Henry Adams declared avocados and durians cruel disappointments, but even his difficult affections were won by the mangosteen. I hope I taste one before I get old.


Thanks, Kinsey. Ray, just come on down to Singapore and I'll buy you some.

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