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November 12, 2003


Mitch Mills

Ah yes, "pedicabo ego uos et irrumabo". Those verbs certainly weren't in our pocket Latin dictionaries. (Aside: Why is it so fun to learn dirty words in a foreign language?) I remember well just how flustered and redfaced our rather proper Latin teacher got as he rendered them, quite accurately actually, into modern colloquial English. Number 58 triggered in him the same fits of blushing and stammering, but he did a great job of patiently explaining how "magnanimi" was a double entendre.

Mitch Mills

Hold on a second, isn't "pedicare" the one about the buggery, and "irrumare" the one about the, um, other practice?

I just want to be sure, so I won't make any faux pas the next time I speak to, say, the Pope.

ben wolfson

According to The Student's Catullus, pedicare is indeed about buggery and irrumare fellatio. For conversation with the Pope (about which cardinal is cinaedissumus, or something) I'd just stick to the more general-purpose (ec)futuere, though.

Asaf Bartov

Hilarious! Thanks for posting this.


Ha! Thank you for reminding me. There is a reason why I know all the bad words in Greek, Latin, Italian (and English) and not in my native Norwegian.

Mad Latinist

Yeah, fellatur qui irrumat, irrumatur qui fellat.

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