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December 01, 2003


Patrick Nielsen Hayden

My grandmother was Arthur Quiller-Couch's second cousin. I revel in this fact.


For a bad writer to like a good writer is obligatory.
That so many fail in their obligations is saddening; nonetheless I cannot find in it me to commend Moorcock for doing something he should be obligated to.
Literature also obligates him to become a garbageman, but so far he has not fulfilled that obligation.

Doug Muir

Oh, _The Black Arrow_ isn't that bad. Sort of forgettable, but not /bad/. And a nice glimpse of Richard III in there.

The Wars of the Roses should be a great setting for historic fiction. For some reason, though, they seem to be much more popular as a setting for romance novels -- go figure.

Doug M.

dave heasman

Terry Eagleton is a rancid tosser. Hooray.


[*As an aside, this is rather disingenuous. What Clarence should have shown George was a picture of what life would have been like if he had done a few of the things he had wanted to do instead of always trying to please other people.]

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