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December 11, 2003



Yes, such Mary Sues do exist. Because if people are able to slash classic literature and greek mythology...

No, you do not want to know. Trust me.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Teresa (no "h") says that there is indeed not-very-good Jane Austen fanfic on fanfiction.net.

She says there's also contemporary pornographic Jane Austen fanfic. Contemporary with Jane Austen. It certainly is a large world in here.


Oops, sorry about the 'h'. And ... there was porn Austen fanfic in Austen's day? Do my eyes deceive me? Well, it follows that there must so enormous stone stellae somewhere in Mesopotamia engraved with the famous Fanfic of Hammurabi.


The words "Ayn" and "Rand" and "every single character" come to mind ...


Oooh, I don't want to explain dquared's joke or anything. But I'm a philosopher, which means I often kill jokes. (As Oscar Wilde says, 'each man kills ...') The heroes of Ayn Rand novels are already ... well, Mary Sue Shrugged. And Bob's your uncle. Nothing more to be explained.


Apparently there was Gilgamesh fanfic in Gilgamesh's (author's) day.

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