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February 26, 2004



"No dog inside to look back at you, just a vibrating thing like a wire."

Just fantastic. I can do nothing else but doff my cap to you.


I loved the story, but it made me think of Catcher in the Rye. "DIGRESSION!"

Tell the one about the ghosts now!


You're in good company with the incongruous beliefs set aside in a box somewhere. Quantum physicists, for example, have a tidy set of beliefs for just about everything, except gravity, which they've set aside in a box. Cosmologists are ok with gravity, but have to do something similar with quantum mechanics.

fontana labs

That's nifty. You know, pretty much any stories about that childhood (hippies, weirdness, southern gothic) would be interesting, with or without ghosts.

Thanks for the shout-out the other day, too.

Great story

I read the story about Harry Cram in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Some of the details were a little different (Marines, not Rangers, and bayonets, not diving knives), but it is still the same story. It gives me chills now knowing how someone actually remembers that story from their childhood -- that it's something that happened in close proximity to them. I guess it's a small world!

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