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April 01, 2004


David Sucher

What kind of car?

Fontana Labs

I respectfully dissent. If you let this place go all to hell, it'd be a shame-- it's more fun than CT.

Jacob T. Levy

All that, plus the rugby jerseys? I'll bet you got a pony, too. Man, that's a better deal than I got from EV...

I'm curious to see how you decide to do it. When I switched to a group blog I switched entirely; but there are both costs and benefits to doing that. I agree with Fontana that you've got an unusually fun site here, one that it'd be a shame to lose entirely. On the other hand, it'd be a shame if the CT readers didn't get to see the range of fun stuff you do.

Maybe at least pictures should stay here? (Somehow today I ended up back at the Zoe-as-Modok picture, which still makes me laugh.)

Belle Waring

My prediction is that the Belle/John ratio on Belle and John have a Blog will become more equalized, as John posts more on CT. Some of the things I like to blog about just don't seem quite Timberish; it's not as personal a blog, so I'm set on keeping this alive. I guess they wouldn't have invited me if they didn't like my blogging, but do they really want all those recipies? I dunno. So, I'm all for keeping both sites up and running. (Though, immediately after the birth of baby Violet you can expect a whole lot of nothing from me for a while, since I will be busy feeding baby every two hours...)

Adam Kotsko

Are you the first married couple to become Crooked Timber contributors? Further, are you the first married couple to become blogging megastars, as a team?


I think the second of those prizes would have to go to Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Adam.

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