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April 10, 2004


Jacob T. Levy

At the same time, he's got his panties in a twist because someone assembled a bunch of his buggery writings, and suggested that they made his review of a book about transexualism less than credible. The crowning glory of his journalism is here. It has to be read to be believed.

One more time for the search engines: Let's hear it for the Honorariest Homo, John "buggery, buggery, buggery!" Derbyshire.


It's funny, when I first read the Derb a couple years ago I sort of assumed he must be at least 90 years old - probably 120 years old. But extremely spry for his age. I figured they were always murmuring over at the NR main office. 'Poor fellow, fought with Kipling's son in the Great War, you know. Turned him a wee bit strange. We keep him on. Quite a pen on him, really.'

But he's really quite young for his age, it turns out.

Belle Waring

Wow, Jacob, that article was the weirdest thing I have ever read. It had the following, least-persuasive form ever:
1. Here are four or five cogent objections to my extremely dubious thesis.
2. Nonetheless, I will make unsupported statements of my thesis at great length.
3. The End
Somehow, I didn't change my mind about homosexuality.


The "got his panties in a twist" link is slightly bloggered. I got this:

MISCHIEF [John Derbyshire] Daniel Oliver Derbyshire, age 8, and his little friend Michael from next door, were permitted to play on the big computer in Dad's office while Dad went off to fiddle with his tree house.

When Dad came back, he found that his Ann Coulter doll had been STRIPPED TO THE BUFF.

Oh, God. I'm not going to be able to handle my kids' adolescence, I know I'm not.


Which is interesting in its own way. Why does John Derbyshire have his own tree house?


well obviously he's not gonna be able to handle the kid's adolescence. Adolescence is generally the time when the child starts competing against the father for sexual access to the mother, and this kid is already beating his dad out for access to the Ann Coulter doll. What's gonna happen when they have to go into the desert armed only with bowie knives to decide once and for all who will lead the tribe?!

Jeremy Osner

Carlos -- if you scroll down a bit you will find JD's screed vs. transexualism


Yeah, I eventually found it, matching up the link numbers.

He's so _campy_. The wacky neighbor on a sitcom that hasn't yet been made. But we already know all the plots.

Jeremy Osner

Yes -- for some reason David Spade pops into mind as the correct actor to portray the Derb.

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