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May 28, 2004



proof of high-level government sex ring.


I should probably emphasize that I don't think this is a smoking gun or anything. Obviously Wolfowitz' visit was not a secret before this photo showed up. (Not that I knew about it, but obviously the NY Times did.) Mostly the photo is interesting because it shows a direct link between fairly low-level (and unsavory) officials and a very high-level (and think what you like) official. Maybe the guy was just showing Wolfy around the joint. A picture proves squat. But obviously this is a crowbar that lawyers for accused lower-level types will inevitably use to try to crack open the mysterious case of 'what was up with the chain of command?' It's really the legal leverage this sort of thing affords that is interesting.


Well see John, that's your problem right there, you obviously don't want to believe that a high-level government sex ring is going on in the Bush administration, that these people conquered another country purely to have their wicked way with not especially attractive natives (admit it, given the Abu Ghraib revelations this is now the only explanation that actually makes sense). It's a charming bit of naivete, but you will be caught out in the end I'm afraid.


I stand corrected.

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