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July 21, 2004



There are versions of ratafia that use almonds instead of peach pits. A whole lot of bruised bitter almonds. I'm not sure what one is supposed to do with them afterwards. Roast, grind, and marzipan forever?

Both peach pits and bitter almonds are cyanogenic. Probably why you don't see much ratafia anymore.


One gallon of whiskey? Jesus.

Even just reading the recipe list for the punch is giving me a hangover...

Jeremy Osner

Do you rough up the cherries at all before putting them in the punch?


Carlos: yeah, I sort of remembered there was a cyanide issue here. Jeremy: yes, I smush them around a little first.


I once went to a cavalry ball at Fort Knox--this recipe reminds me of the "cavalry punch" wherein large containers of alcohol were decapitated with the ceremonial sword, then poured into this giant silver vat, all the while reciting the history of the regiment.

It was a damn fine party. I also got to dance with some dashing cavalrymen, AND teach them how not to trip over the (ceremonial) spurs (hint: most cowboys are bowlegged and pigeontoed.)

I've never had catawba wine--what does it taste like?


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Harlan Hale

Thanks Belle, you're dad gave me this recipie many years ago but I lost it. I've been wanting to make this for a party in Pretoria. I think it should go down just fine.

belle waring

awesome, hi Harlan!!


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