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July 30, 2004


Mitch Mills

Does the domed top get put back on at the end, or is the dome what supplies the "scraps" that get turned in to cake crumbs?


sorry, I was typing this in a hurry and I wasn't clear: yes, you turn the "extra" cake into the crumbs.

Larry B

Umm, there's 1/2 cup sugar in the pudding, but you have it divided, and then 1/2 cup going in with the eggs.

Is there more than 1/2 cup sugar in the pudding?

The recipe sounds great, and I'm going to give it a shot.


duh, sorry Larry. It's 1/4 c with the eggs and then the other 1/4 c in the scalded milk. I'll correct it above. Thanks for pointing it out.

Mitch Mills

Wow, it's like we're the "Belle Waring Truth Squad" or something. Old media cooks used to be able to get away with publishing flawed recipes, but now with the blogosphere fact-checking their asses, they've had to clean up their act!

bob mcmanus

I just read at Burnt Orange that recipes are the traditional response to trolls. Must analyze these archives.

Larry B

Thanks for the clarification. I'm actually making the cake right now, despite having no real occasion to serve it. (I suppose I'll just have to invite some folks over and utterly shatter their misguided Atkins diets.)

By the way, the pudding itself is outstanding. I can easily see myself serving it on its own.

I feel compelled to observe that this intraweb thingie is kinda weird. Here I am, making a cake from a recipe from a total stranger (whom I'd probably like if I met in person) who lives halfway around the world.

Who says that all the wonder has been sucked out of the modern world? Thanks Belle!


right on, larry b! enjoy your cake!

Larry B

Just wanted to close the loop - the cake turned out great. I used the pudding to fully frost the cake and omitted the ganache (heresy, I know) and thought I'd provide a link to some snaps.

Think of it as the first branch of Belle's Distributed Virtual Bake Shop & Trust Co.

Cake pix here.

Gary S

Can't wait to try the recipe for Chocolate blackout cake. Used to get on Flatbush Brooklyn, NY at Ebinger's Bakery. Then from Entenmann's at the grocery store. Haven't been able to find it from Entenmann's for over 2 years. Thank You for the recipe.

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