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July 23, 2004



Didn't she "grow up" to be the Invisible Woman like Superboy/Superman? Also, I think I remember some period of time when she took over the FF as leader. Not that she hasn't been portrayed as passive most of the time. Just wondering if that's the past. Or, maybe it was just when Levy was writing the comic but I'm not that big a fan to know who wrote what when.

Jacob T. Levy

"when Levy was writing the comic?" Whu...?

I don't think there was ever the kind of big dramatic Break With Childhood that Superboy had-- and she was, of course, much older than Superboy to start with. But yes, as Marvel gradually became embarrassed by the portrayal Belle rightly mocks, Sue did take to calling herself Invisible Woman.

Hee... love the cake.


She has Ben Grimm's arms...


WW looks much more passive on the box illustration than on the cake. Pink she may be, but I'd wager that fist is raised to strike, which makes that the first cake featuring a woman in assault position I've ever seen. Excellent.


Invisibility and food in the same post! Did you see this week's Science Times? A Natalie Angier story on transparent animals. Relevant quote:

No matter how they make the bulk of themselves disappear, transparent animals must deal with two functions that are hard to hide - eating and seeing. Food that is being digested does not line up in well-ordered, potentially crystalline stacks, and what good does it do to have a windowpane frame if dinner is on widescreen view inside?

Many transparent animals tackle the problem by having as minimalist a gut as possible. "They make it into a tiny sphere that actually casts a very small shadow," Dr. Johnsen said. "That's how we find these animals. We look for strange little globes floating in the water."

Other marine spirits have needle-shape stomachs tethered to muscles that, regardless of the animal's orientation, keep the pin gut pointed up and down, almost shadow free.

Eyes are also hard to disguise....


As I remember, you dressed like Wonder Woman one very early Halloween. Or was that Mighty Isis?

Fantastic cake. Actually stunning. How did you decide which part to cut 1st and who got the power pieces? The head?

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