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August 07, 2004



It's like the man has a special cabinet post, someone who sits around all day thinking up ways he can say something hypocritical.

peter ramus

The President would be the last to deny there's great merit in being well-born.


The Bush men married up. Not sure if that counts as well-born. Samuel Prescott Bush was about four tiers down from our gracious hostess's noted ancestor; his firm made boxcar couplings, and he made his personal connections by being an avid sportsman, in what we would call today semipro football and baseball, and also tennis. It got him the ear of Herbert Hoover, who was then known as the brilliant humanitarian who organized the post-WWI European famine relief; and it got his son into Yale.

It's sort of like _The Magnificent Ambersons_, except I don't think Booth Tarkington could ever have conceived of his George becoming President.

Peter Sean Bradley

Fair enough. If this idea had been introduced 35 years ago we would have been spared a few generations of inane Kennedys.

"Public uprising at Runnymede" indeed.


"Public uprising at Runnymede" indeed.

RFK Jr. went to Brown. No legacyhood there (but no surprise on the quality of the historical knowledge, either).

Peter Sean Bradley


Are you suggesting that RFK, Jr. got into Brown based on his scholastic aptitude?

Or is this just some kind of East Coast/Ivy League assessment that inbred, indulgently-coddled wealthy folk are sent off to Brown where the admission standards are so much lower?


Since RFK did not go to Brown, it would be a little difficult for RFKj to be a legacy admission there.

[waits for the moment of PSB's enlightment, then realizes it might be a while]

In related news, Chicago is not a state.


On the PSB vs. Carlos debate. Carlos, I think you;ve got the words but not the music: strict legacy vs. getting in with a famous family name. Aren't both equally anti-meritocratic?

More generally, if we wanted more proof that hypocrisy is not the worst vice, this is it. Ted Kennedy probably thinks legacy admits are bad. To me, that's a plus in his column, not a minus.


Relevant Simpsons:
[Teacher hands Lisa a paper] Lisa Simpson, zero!
Lisa: [gasps]
Skinner: Lisa, the president of Harvard would like to see you.
Pres.: Nasty business, that zero. Naturally, Harvard's doors are now closed to you, but I'll pass your file along to [snickers] Brown.
Skinner: Mmmm, Brown. Heckuva school. Weren't you at Brown, Otto?
[camera pans to Otto, sunning himself on the hood of the school bus]
Otto: Yup. Almost got tenure, too.
Lisa:[gasps in horror] No, not Brown, Brown, Brown!!


Lisa's going to Stanford, Lisa's going to Stanford . . .

ben wolfson

Hey, as long as it's not Vassar.

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