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August 14, 2004



Holy crap. That's awesome. I was going to pick a favorite line from the commentary, but there are so many...those shin guards RULE!

The thing I love about Dimmu Borgir is that it's like a black metal band plus one guy from The Human League photoshopped in, just for kicks.


It appears that Frankie didn't relax and went and did it.


Nice, Andy.

Another thing that rules about this is that these guys play guitars. Which, like, you can't do if you're wearing Big Spikey Arms, and they didn't even have guitars back in Evil Medieval Times or wherever this look is from. This is up there with Robert Plant going on about elves and the hammer of the gods in front of a big ol' Marshall stack.


I think those pics provide conspicuous empirical support for John Holbo's claim that works of fiction can't simply stipulate what statements concerning their own aesthetic profiles are true.

ben wolfson


Doug M

Speaking of domains where one's ability to stipulate truths about one's expressions is limited, have you read David Brooks' hilarious article about John Kerry's stipulation that the values he enunciates are, in fact, ours?


everyone's gotta give mad props to ben wolfson over here. each letter of "whatever" is a separate, tasty link. all praise.

ben wolfson

All this and more at the Tokyo Damage Report (now sadly on hiatus).

Peter Murphy

I knew it was going to be good when I viewed Abbath from Immortal. It's hard to look scary when you look like an extra from Planets of the Apes.

ben wolfson

Fontana Labs is wrong wrong wrong about being unable to play guitar with Big Spiky Arms.

Also, the review of the show where that band played claims that they are "fake Dimmu Boring". Ha!


i don't care what the hell people have to say about Dimmu Borgir, or Cradle of fitlh. There both great bands and that have put out some of the most kick ass music this generation has ever heard. So back OFF!!

ben wolfson


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