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September 05, 2004



That was beautiful. It made me cry. I know exactly what you mean. I couldn't bear to look at the front page of the newspaper - it just broke my heart. Just allow them to sleep and let the sweet exhalations cool the tears on your cheeks.


Anne Lamott says a good writer is one who can make you shake your head at the exactness of their prose, and say, yes, yes, that's exactly how I feel, too.

Thanks, Belle.


And the recipe is delicious too.

Thank you, Belle.


Hey, good stuff. You're right about the lemons. The best standard recipe (from the best Iranian cookbook) is here. (And my mom makes it with beef.)

And, of course, it's almost always served with Iranian-style rice, which, go figure, is one of the hardest Iranian dishes to make properly.

Timothy Burke

Trying to figure out what to say tomorrow, if anything, about Russia. Not sure I can say anything.

On the recipes, I like this one a lot. I'm not so keen on the previous one, the medieval sardines one. Not because of sardines, but because...am I the only person who doesn't like fruit stewed or cooked with meat? There's just something not right about that 90% of the time.

W. Kiernan

Too safe if you ask me. You should wake them up right now, find another adult to stand about eight feet away from you, and play a quick few rounds of "toss the baby." If you're the anxious-mama type, and I know you are, you can do it across a bed.

The tossees squeal with delight plus the short periods of weightlessness stimulate their growth. (Guaranteed! I did this to each of my babies and they've all grown!)

ben wolfson

Timothy, a little orange juice and zest in a lamb stew is a mighty good thing.

(Not to mention tomatoes, peppers, lemons, and the whole range of fruits not commonly thought of as "fruit".)


To W. Kiernan:


No infant should *ever* be "tossed." You are risking serious spine, neck and brain damage to an infant who is not yet able to contol the heavy weight of his/her own head.

This "game" should not be played until your child is of an age where s/he can indicate that s/he wants you to stop or you risk unintentionally terrifying the child. Even then, the APA (American Pediatrics Association) has come right out and recommended strongly against this "game" as a source of serious injury in the very young.

A social worker I know says she and her colleges think of it as a form of subtle child abuse, where the parent is actually taking out agression on his/her child.

As for the claim that "short periods of weightlessness stimulate their growth," I can only shake my head in bewildered wonder at the baselessness of that claim (if anything, the human body *atrophies* in weightless environments i.e. astronauts) and hope that your entire posting was some sort of joke that simply didn't come across very well.


Timothy Burke

Orange zest, sure. I'm talking prunes, raisins, giant chunks of apple, that kind of thing.

belle waring

actually, Timothy, I'm not mad keen on fruits and meats either, and in general not crazy about raisins. well, now that I think about it, I guess there are a few good recipes I like with fruit and meats: pork and prunes, that sort of thing. but anyway, what I'm saying is, here in this pasta it really works, even if you think it sounds weeeerd.

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