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September 14, 2004


Mitch Mills

2. Gary Farber is the hardest working man in show blog business. He's like a young Gene Hackman blogging with his hair on fire, or something.

In terms of hardest working, his output is like unto that of Glen Reynolds. Of course Gary actually knows things about (lots of) things, is interesting and intellectually honest, and writes well too.

And he could use some support too. Be sure and read the message at the top of his site if you haven't before or need reminding.

Jeremy Osner

What is "butless chaps"?

Doctor Memory

Per the indispensible Dooce in re mastitis: cabbage leaves in your bra.

No really, I swear to god.

Gary Farber

The funny thing is that if you glance a couple of years back in my archives -- published for free! -- I really blogged at lot then, not like my present-day lazy output. Fifty items a day, or whatever; took me years to realize no one was reading along with me (and the immodest thing is to note that I was carefully only blogging a small portion of my web reading; fortunately, my bad breath makes up for my positive qualities).

I'll have to try putting cabbage leaves in my bra, though; must admit I've not done that yet; could it add to my huge oral sexual abilities?


you probably already know this, but nix nay on the cabbage leaves if you are still actively nursing, they decrease milk supply. really, they do. if it's due to a blocked duct wet heat (hot showers) and lots and lots of nursing will usually do the trick (and then the relief! the relief!), if it has gone as far as an infection then you need to add antibiotics. like i said, you probably already know all this stuff, but just in case . . . take it easy, too. if the babe is amenable to hanging out for most of a day, nursing away while you have your feet up and take it easy, then go for it. good luck!


1. If it isn't really an infection but a blocked milk duct, one of the inexpensive breast pumps are the cure and the prevention, like this brand for under $50.00 US.


You pump and discard the milk while the mastitis is happening. You can also once recovered pump and store for emergencies or whatever.

2. Technically, all chaps, chapaderos, are always "butt-less", as they are leggings.

Here's a perfectly safe photo of chaps built for motorcycle riding:


The purpose is to protect the legs from road burn (in the case of motorcycles) or thorns and whatnot (in the case of horses.)

If you'd like your own built-to-order chaps (which, by the way, are pronounced shaps):


The ass less (or butt less) part comes when you wear the chaps with just a thong...or nuttin.

As a long-time horse rider, this does not fill me with erotic glee. Why not just leather pants? Chaps are easier to get on and off, and are cooler in the hot weather.

Big Ben

Among bikers, if you pronounce them with anything but a good ol' American "ch", people are gonna look at you funny.

Is the "sh" pronunciation standard among horse people?


inexpensive breast pump = baby. ;) nursed my son through onefull course of antibiotics for mastitis. he was also (happily) instrumental in resolving a few blocked ducts.

hope you are feeling better.

belle waring

thanks, dq. both kids are working on the problem and the antibiotic appear to be taking effect...feeling a bit better today.

Ignitius mulenga

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Fontana Labs

Wow. I guess he stopped school just as he was typing that. (I can't be the *only* one thinking of Meat Loaf's scribbled pleas for help in Rocky Horror...)


I was thinking about Castle Aaargh from Monty Python's Holy Grain. (If the poor guy gave up or died before he finished typing 'school', who hit the 'post button?)


Perhaps he was dictating!

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