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October 09, 2004


Jeremy Osner

The best way to cut butter into flour -- and keep in mind that I live in the northeastern U.S., not the tropics, and that I've never made pie in the heat of summer -- if you have young assistants, is to dice the butter and then pinch it into the flour with fingers. It's pretty quick and a bunch of kids can do it at once, just use a larger bowl than you normally would. Fun and messy. I made pumpkin pie Saturday with Sylvia and her friend Daniel and it came out great.


hell yeah i want some snaky poofs.


or snacky poofs, i'm not particular, and i have a severely damaged keyboard.


1) I can see mixing the tobasco and the worcestershire sauce into the first tablespoon of water and then adding the other ice water until it's moist enough. And I can also see rolling it all thin and cutting it into diamond or rectangle shapes and forgoing having to roll it more than once.

Yum. Gonna try it soon!

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