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November 04, 2004



Try Audacity: it's available for all OSes and you can open the files from the CD or your ripped collection.

Enjoy and post the results.

Doctor Memory

Eh, wot, whozzat?

Oh, er, hi.

Dear lord did I pick the wrong week to stop huffing glue.

Anyway, it looks like the trick is to grab your sample using Audacity or SoundJam or whatever, and then use Apple's Soundtrack Loop Utility to convert 'em into the format Garageband wants.

Details here.

Doctor Memory

Er, where by "SoundJam" (long-dead mp3 player that was bought by Apple and converted into iTunes), I meant of course "SoundEdit" (formerly shareware audio editing app bought by Macromedia and converted into really really expensive audio editing app).

ben wolfson

Audacity is free.

Rob Rushing

Paul's got the full story there, and that's a great website. I personally use Peak (ReCycle, Live, and Acid will also do the trick, but the best for GarageBand will be Apple Soundtrack Loop Utility), but a quick look at Audacity indicates that while it's a nice, full-featured and free sound editor, it can't make loops. That is to say, you can use it to chop up your 1980's one-hit wonder song into the perfect loop-sized fragment, but it will only save that fragment as linear sample, not a loop (am I wrong? it looks to me like Audacity can only export to .ogg, .wav, and .aiff...) In GarageBand, you won't be able to modify pitch or duration as a result--it will treat it as an audio file no different from your guitar solo or your vocal track.

Doctor Memory

Rob: yeah, you use Audacity to export to export to AIFF, then Soundtrack Loop Utility to turn the AIFF file into a loop that Garageband can use.

Isn't technology wonderful?


Belle, have you hugged your kid today?

Seriously, maybe you should buy a bass. There is less clicking than in garageband, and it can be a very soothing experience, because there are only four strings, and you plays them one at a time. It is the most soothing to play of all instruments, and you can pretend to be Bob Bogle in your bedroom. This is the coolest and most beautiful brand, I think.

belle waring

thanks, everyone; that totally worked. I think the metadata choices for the apple loops are a bit...obscure, but whatever. I mean, country, electric, OK. intense? uuuh. and I don't know how to tell what keys things are in...if I noodle around with the keyboard (the on-screen one) and the track, and figure out five or so of the notes, I can deduce the key from that, no? John knows about music theory, maybe I'll make him do it. (that's a very 21st century chore request: 'honey, will you flesh out the metadata on this sample for me so I can combine it with cop show clav #3? Thanks'.) And Rob, I owe you an email. I had the fatal problem that I let your email get pushed off the bottom of the screen before responding, which I should never, never do, because then I space out about it. I'm going to bed now, but tomorrow I'll really write you, for real this time. xxx to Lilya and your young'un. Keep rocking Urbana-Champlaign.

belle waring

and spacetoast, I also totally hugged both my kids today. my brother plays bass, but I never learned.

ben wolfson

Forget the bass, you should learn to play the bassoon, or the viola. Now those are instruments, lemme tell ya.


Ben, I'm just a musical luddite...er, if a hypocritical one...but I'm down with the bassoon-ing. Although, even more so I'm down with the tuba-ing. Witness Opus's fucking awesome tuba solo on "You make me sick (way-oh!) but I love you" circa the Billy and the Boingers (aka "Death-Tongue") years of Bloom County. I used to know who the bands were that actually played on that, but Good Shit anyways. And check out that mouth harp on "I'm a Boinger." It's fucking great.

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