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November 07, 2004


ben wolfson

King Crimson, being teh awesome, does not belong in that group.

Also Styx, Queen, and Genesis sans Gabriel aren't prog.

belle waring

I know. but it's still funny, right? we got to laugh at the little things now, ben. I promise, I love Can as much as anyone, but this is still kinda funny.

Rob Rushing

Must object--Genesis post-Gabriel, but still with Steve Hackett are most definitely progressive. *Trick of the Tail*? Especially "Los Endos"? That's amazing progressive rock. I have to say, as a lifelong Rush fan, my musical opinions have changed somewhat. My brother's web site (in addition to some libertarian rants) has some Rush album reviews that are kind of humorous. (http://www.billrushing.org/id2.html, and scroll down to August 27, for the first of the Rush album reviews).

Robert Gable

Uh oh, the reemergence of Styx may be gaining momentum. I run a classical music blog and even I ended up writing about Styx lately. And the last time I was at a record store, I surveyed Styx CDs although the feeling eventually passed and I didn't buy anything.

Fontana Labs

Rokken the paradise!

That's all I have to say. That's all that can be said. Whereof we cannot speak, etc.

Bruce Baugh

Of what we cannot speak, we must thereof harmonize with open vowels.

Kip Manley

Just saw the first episode of "Freaks and Geeks," which, wow, but: the use of "Come Sail Away" at the end is masterful.

Also, I assume we're all familar with Cartman's cover?


Hey, I'm a lifelong Rush fan, too, but they are the EASY kind of band to (ironically or not) like. They make hellishly complicated songs, often on geek topics. The only reason a comic-loving, band geek, D&D fellow traveler would ever NOT have a "I love 2112" period of their life is because they were a Depeche Mode fan instead. (And liking both isn't at all incompatible.)

It's when soldiers in the Irony Brigade adopt bands like Dokken, or Accept(!), that things will get really weird.

(Dokken. Accept. Any of the third tier precursors to late-80s hair bands. My god, when does LOUDNESS get their rediscovered moment in the sun? When will more people listen to "Exploder" instead of Van Halen's "Eruption".)

(Well, never. But still.)

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