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November 09, 2004



Hey! not bad for a first try. Do you know Peep's album "The Joy of Being"? Check it out.
Giovanna says she'd have put more trombone.


Very nice.


Your blog has a theme song! I am picturing the opening credits as something like Bewitched's, for no very good reason.

C Mas

Sweet. I like it a lot.

ben wolfson

How could anyone dislike it? It's got bassoon!


See, maybe it's ideological, but I have yet to be convinced that Garageband can manage anything where the drum track doesn't pull the rug out from under the whole thing...

But I like that your thing doesn't have that ass-clenched tickety-tick high-hat, and, overall, it has a pleasing, gamboling, Mr. Ed-ish quality, with the bassoon and all. Needs more tuvan throat-singing, though.


Kind of Esquivel meets Musak! I love it.

Gabriel Seah

I'm not into Jazz but this isn't bad.

At least until the metallic riff (?) in the middle.


You are right that I need to work on the spy guitar bit, Gabriel.

But on the whole I am heartened that my offering has met with critical acclaim. Nary a negative review in the bunch. Whew. Dodged a bullet. (Woof, I'm not sure what Giovanna means by 'more trombones'? As in 'any'? Or does she mean the trumpets?)


Now that I don't need to my log blog comments I can revert to the pseudonym I am wont to use.

Synthesised instruments are hard to tell apart.


Aha! I recognize you under that ridiculous synthetic name, Gabriel.

Scott McLemee

Why the complaints about the guitar riff? That's what *makes* it.

Needs some cow bell, though. Can't live without the cow bell.

ben wolfson

Actually, I think the banjo is the essential part. It's like salt or bitters—you only need a little, but what a difference it makes!


I am proud of myself for not overusing the banjo, yes. The slapstick must not be played like a drum. That is not its function.

As to the guitar. Yes, it is essential, Scott, but there's something wrong with what I've got. If you play the guitar bit directly against the bassoon or the bass its almost pure sour, so I subtracted rhythm background except for drums and one mournful bass note - which is already a sort of acknowledgment of failure - but you can still sort of hear echoes of the sourness. I mean: obviously it's jarring. But parts of it are jarring in a bad way. Must find a solution.

Cowbells would be gilding the lily.

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