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January 22, 2005


Gary Farber

Circumstances, and cancers, vary widely, of course. MJ can be useful for some in the earlier and middling stages when they're concerned about eating enough solid food, but also have no worries about coughing out lung lining; in later stages, the morphine and/or demerol will be what's keeping you relaxed.

It sucks to have to learn about this stuff, though it sucks most to have to be the patient.


uhm, if it's gonna be the stereotypical stoner monologue shouldn't it be

dude did you ever think how a cancer is just another living thing trying to survive, only the environment it's surving in is me man.

dave heasman

I recall the night before I went under the knife for testicular cancer, back in 1974, eating some sort of treacly biscuits into which I'd baked an unfeasibly large amount of hashish. Eating's different from smoking because you don't (or I didn't anyway) get bombed quickly enough to stop scoffing.
I have never been so stoned before or since, but I just developed a sort of scientific detachment about the whole process, even when, still out of my crust the morning after, the guy came round with the razor...

Leila Abu-Saba

I'm in chemo for breast cancer - not expected to die of it within the next ten years, however - and my acupuncturist suggested MJ for the sleeplessness and queasiness. It's quasi legal here in Oakland, CA - you get a doctor to write a prescription (mine will only write that I am in treatment for cancer) and then you present it at a pot club. I'm not allowed to smoke it because of the complicated reconstruction I got - smoking would damage it somehow.

I never cared for MJ's side effects (wierd physical sensations, paranoia) and I'm not eager to try this. My MD has offered prescription marinol, essentially THC in pill form. I dunno. Only two more treatments left so maybe I can tough it out. It's only a week or so of mild discomfort in each 3 week cycle.

I do know people who have "prescriptions" for ailments that are no big deal - they basically like to smoke pot. Meanwhile, my neighbors were growing large quantities of it in the basement, ostensibly to sell for medical purposes. It's all too furtive and druggy and undercover for my taste. (thank god the growers moved away, to be replaced by some motorcycle enthusiasts - which is worse?) Do I think the country would be better off legalizing it? Maybe. Do I like MJ culture? No.


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