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January 20, 2005



I've seen all of season one, two, & all of four that has been shown. I do not know who Nina was working for, but Drazen would see her as a freelance mole.


It doesn't make any sense. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the actress didn't know she was the mole before the actual episode was filmed, and that the writers were pretty much making it up as they went along. I don't think they knew, when they had Drazen try to get Jack to shoot Nina, or when Jack was entrapping Andre, who the mole was going to be.

Which is why I would never recommend anything beyond the first 12 episodes of 24. If you haven't seen them already, I'd give the later seasons a pass. In the first season, the writers (and the cast) manage to keep in the insanity of the plot at bay. In the second season, the characters turn into cardboard and the plot becomes absurd. It's great comedy, though.

aeon skoble

John, you're correct that it makes zero sense. That, and several other plot holes in the second 12 hours, are due to the fact that, after the first 12 hours, the writers were making it up as they went along. That's not just my geekish whining, they have admitted this in several interviews. So don't lose any sleep over the inconsistency.


you've gotta admit though, plot inconsistencies notwithstanding, it does still make for some gripping viewing, season 3 in particular.


I gave up on season 3 after only one episode, but I was doing a lot more griping than gripping during season 2.

Jeremy Osner

Wowee, that was only a year ago... "And a pony!" has entered my consciousness in such a way, it seems like I read the post back in college or something.

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