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January 07, 2005


Kip Manley

You've changed the class ID of your "Posted by" line: in your old example, the old text is wrapped in

<p class="posted">

While in your new example, the new text is wrapped in

<span class="comments-post">

Change it so the new text is wrapped in the old tag—from span class="comments-post" back to p class="posted." Also, don't forget to close it with a /p and not a /span.

Without digging any further into your CSS and HTML, I think that'll do what you're looking for.

Matt Weiner

I like the wide version better. Also, you didn't ask for this, but I have a problem with the John & Belle icons: At small sizes I find them difficult to tell apart without squinting. This wasn't a problem with some of the old icons. These icons are way cool, but they don't allow me to instantly distinguish the author of the post the way the old ones used to.

Perhaps this could be part of a GRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY to find a book cover that yields an icon for Zoe! I love assigning people homework I don't have to grade.


I like designs that don't specify pixel sizes, so that I can view them all squished up in my browser. But that probably doesn't count as "aesthetic advice" so much as "Spartan useability geek advice".

But I do agree with Matt: new icons!


Thanks, Kip. That did it. I tried just switching the tags myself, actually, but I must have snipped off some bit of syntax or otherwise cut & pasted wrongly, because it didn't work. Then with your superior knowledge behind me I tried again and it works. But now riddle me this. Why does the new comment just show a time stamp and no full date stamp, whereas the old one showed both? Something to do with that <$MTCommentDate$>

being replaced by <$MTCommentDate format="%I:%M %p"$> I'll wager, even though I have no idea what I'm looking at. I guess I'll just try switching them in a DeeDee-esque 'what does this button do?' way. Thanks. Oh, and Matt, you are quite right that I need to find new icons. The old ones are quite dusty.


Hey, it worked. Who needs to be an MT Dexter when you can be an MT DeeDee?

ben wolfson

I definitely like the less-wide version better.


Less-wide please.

Kip Manley

How else do you think MT Dexter got to be so dextrous?

Matt Weiner

Maybe here? (via Unfogged)


Ah, so that's what's happened. Why not cross-post this to the R&P blog? I'm sure more technical minded students will be able to help.

Try using percentages instead of pixels. Then it'll scale up/down for people using different screen sizes. In short, use relative, not absolute positioning, like so:


#container {
width: 750px;


#container {
width: XX%;


Oh and one more thing - the permalinks from the "Recent Comments" sidebar are broken

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