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March 20, 2005


PZ Myers

"Refugee"? Has there been a coup?

Matt Weiner

PZ Myers, not a regular Crooked Timber reader.

PZ Myers

No, I am, but I always get to it through my RSS reader...and since, as I've just discovered, they done gone blowed it all up over there, their RSS file wasn't getting updated, so I wasn't seeing any news.

It's tragic to imagine dispossessed bloggers, wandering the world, begging for teeny-tiny crumbs of database space from their more fortunate colleagues. If any want to find temporary shelter on my server, I'd be happy to help...although I know a place in frigid Minnesota simply doesn't compare to exotic and savory Indonesia.

Matt Weiner

Ah. Matt Weiner, a complete technological idiot. Carry on, then (and I've probably got some server space to spare if you promise not to draw too many hits).


Current territorial disputes notwithstanding, I don't think you can really say Singapore is in Indonesia, PZ.


This is a better looking blog, anyway. CT should just crash at your place.

Dell Adams

djw, a terrible punster.

PZ Myers

I'm American. I'm lucky not to have suggested J&B lived somewhere near Iceland.

Gary Farber

All very well about this "Farrell" chap, whomever he may be, but I'm focused on the artist; the piece looks kinda familiar, but I'm definitely not placing it. It looks alightly Powers-ish, but maybe not. Tell?


Gary, it's A.E Van Vogt, the Weapon Makers.

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