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June 11, 2005



For a minute I was confused about why he would be all jealous since they're all girls, but then I realized Zoe is all enligtened and modern. :-)


Hey, I just put that on my netflix for my kids. I was worried it might be too adult for them, but they've loved many other miyazaki films.

Maureen Hay

I tell everyone to rent this for their kids, because we need more kid's films that have heroes saying "I'd rather be a pig than a fascist." Good discussion starter too.

Rob Rushing

Jesus, my son is obsessed with this movie. He knows every line of dialogue, even though he just turned three; the most lofty and elevated object in the universe is the hydroplane. It's one if those great movies that is just as fun for grown-ups as kids. Sasha made us get the book (Artwork of Porco Rosso), and I found a great line of dialogue that got cut from the version on the DVD: as Porco is loading Fio into Gina's plane at the end, Gina says to him: "Marco, you're throwing away a perfectly good teenager." As far as the "too adult," the only problem with the film was that it introduced Sasha to fistfighting and guns (albeit in a friendly, non-fatal context)--he now owns multiple water pistols, and transforms every stick into a gun (there has also been the inevitable metaphorization-of-penis-as-gun).

Strangely, Sasha has saved all his love for Cinderella, the story one, not the movie one (he still hasn't seen the American one, although he likes the Russian version reasonably well).

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