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August 10, 2005


Jeremy Osner

Say I was thinking about rice cooking technology yesterday and today -- do you know if any cultures cook rice in a tightly woven straw or reed basket suspended over boiling water? That would work similar to the Carolina pot but I think it might be even better. Although you'd probably have to pick flecks of wet straw or reed out of the finished product, which is kind of a hassle.

Jeremy Osner

PS. Living in Singapore, you ought to know that gummy rice too has its separate virtues.

Maureen Hay

I've been thinking about an electric rice cooker, but this looks to be more my style. Does it handle brown rice? Do you think you could cook steel cut Irish oatmeal in it? (The alleged perfection of rice cooker oatmeal is one of the attractions for me.)

Boy, that is a pretty pot for the shelf, though.

belle waring

maureen--I've never made oatmeal in one. but I bet it would be great. it's like a simultaneous steamer/double-boiler. it does brown rice very well. virtually eliminating gummy rice problems. and jeremy, yes, if some mango and coconut milk are going to get involved, sticky rice is a good thing. or in those pork-filled dumplings wrapped in leaves.

Mitch Mills

do you know if any cultures cook rice in a tightly woven straw or reed basket suspended over boiling water?

Jeremy, I once knew this hippie-esque chick in Austin, TX who steamed rice in this straw or bamboo cone-filter type thing over a pot of boiling water, but I don't know where she got either the paraphenalia or the habit, as she was one of about 11 to 29 floating inhabitants of this cool big 'ol Victorian house that functioned semi-collectively, and I only met her once or twice.

And I don't know how the rice turned out, I just saw her starting the process one night when I stopped by to pick up a friend. She might have said it was an Indonesian thing, but I could have just thought that as a plausible guess.

Mitch Mills

Or maybe Thai?

Mitch Mills

Also Bali.

Jeremy Osner

Cool Mitch, thanks for the links.

Dave Librik

Belle, for some reason this line (from a review of SLOW FUNERAL by Rebecca Ore) made me think of your stories:

"Just because a relative is plotting to kill you and eat your soul doesn't get you out of Sunday dinner at her house."

I'm sorry I missed you in D.C. -- would you believe I was there the night before? We could have baffled your blogger friends by trading Yo Mama put-downs in Latin.

ben wolfson

Dave Librik's comment has prompted my sleep-addled brain not just to remember again the time I called some dorm-mates of mine scortilla, but also to remember the word, which was vexing me. Thanks, Dave Librik's comment!

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