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August 26, 2005



Dude, Dr. Brown's Cel-ray is awesome. It's "totally herpes," which is a favorable expression we are attempting to popularize in the Fafhold (which means the Fafnir Household) (which is another expression we are also trying to popularize) (in the Fafhold).


As hip as your brother might be, he's apparently not as cool as a black person. Like white boys everywhere he is reduced to puzzling out cryptic lyrics on rap albums to obtain the secrets of cool.


Hah -- I was just adding some context and trying to be "smart." I know what swass means from the very strands of my DNA.

"China is here, Mr. Burton."


Celery soda? There exists such an abomination?


And it's kosher.

Ray Davis

Buster Keaton affected no moustache, nor was he over-emoting. As far as I know neither he or Chaplin lay gay plots, and I don't know how your brother knows different. Also, MAD the comic did not miss out, although Mad the magazine did. If this is the greatest interview ever, you didn't get me to look at it, and if it isn't, you lied to me. You have a lot to answer for, Belle.

Ray Davis

Dang it, I should've said "This will not stand."


Greatest interview in the history of the internet?

Surely that's some kind of understatement, unless of course, you are familiar with the classic series of interviews conducted by Jim "JR" Ross with Mick "Mankind" Foley for WWF wrestling back in the mid 90's. The superiority of which I will not question.


nor was he over-emoting

Neglect not the early films with Fatty Arbuckle, co-starring a well emoting Buster, who at times even over-emotes (I remember vividly one scene where his neck is trapped under a barbell and he twitches and silent screams with the best of them, id est his co-star, and his eyebrows are as plucked as that man's, that deeply frightening and well-foundationed man).


"Swass" is, in my experience, short for "sweaty ass."

Also, I am currently trying to bring back common usage of "wack" and "fly."

ben wolfson

Celery is totally underrated and I would guzzle celery soda by the gallon if it were made available to me. And Silent Movie is great.


This is so bizarre. I had never in my life encountered an educated, intelligent person expressing contempt for early film. And in this blog I've encountered it at least twice. It's so first-year. Dude, Plato doesn't know shit! He was born, like, a hundred years ago!


you are all full o shit, as much as those wekipedia flichmongers, Mix A Lot defines the term SWASS, in the albums liner notes. "A little research"

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