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August 08, 2005


Jeremy Osner

Yay -- recipe blogging is back! This looks and sounds good. I believe you could build your own Charleston cooker if you took an old double boiler (one to which you still have the lid) and drill holes in the bottom of it. Use a small bit, like 1/8"; some grains of rice will fall through when cooking but not too much.

Jeremy Osner

Or alternately, you can buy a Carolina Rice Cooker Here -- that looks like the product you are talking about.


I use the same recipe and I do it in a "bialetti" skillet from Costco. Works beautifully! It's non-stick and I've had it for years. I use wooden utensils and bamboo a lot. I love this stuff, I actually survived on it as a younger person when I couldn't afford any other food. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. I think this might show up on the dinner table tonight!


Jeremy Osner, you are the greatest internet hero of all time. I'm ordering from that site today. then I'll tell you all how to make shrimp and grits...


Geez, why is it all the recipes seem to be pork-based in some way? It must be so hard to keep kosher in the Waring/Holbo home.

ben wolfson

Because pork is great!

Jeremy Osner

Jeremy Osner, you are the greatest internet hero of all time.

[grins and giggles abashedly]


Pork isn't kosher????

Rebecca from Hardy Middle School

Belle Waring, I'm so glad to find you out here in the blogosphere. Singapore seems so very far from home, but, as long as you're still fixing Southern home cooking, the world's not such a big place, after all.


Thanks for the recipe, I think I will grill up some fish, and a salad and your rice for dinner.

A New York City High School Math Teacher

So Red Rice could be called Tarheel Negative Anti-Risotto?

And there is no need to try to make this using an uncleanable rice cooker. There is a German ricecooking implement which is basically a sealed perforated basket with lid, which device can be suspended inside of a largish saucepot. Sort of a couscous steamer, except for rice. I think, also, that one could use a cheap strainer basket or one with the handle broken off so it can fit in the pot. We have one which has been used to illicitly steam cherrystones on the Jersey Shore.

Oh, there was a stir several years ago (fifteen?) about an indochinese species of wild pig that was rumored to ruminate, on plant food if not on great questions of the Cosmos, which quality, if in combination with the already known quality of forked hooved toesies, would have rendered said Indochinese pig liable to being eaten in Kew Garden Hills with relish.

Sadly, panned out. Veal and sheep charcuterie still are the substitutes.

A New York City High School Math Teacher

Correction: Palmetto Negative Anti-Risotto.


A Blue Rice you could make: rice pudding with blueberries or blueberry sauce. I know it's more on the purple side (and then there's John's aversion to pudding), but what the hell. Or you could try it Persian style, with blueberries and slivered almonds scattered throughout.

(I happen to know the New York City Math Teacher above hit the jackpot picking blueberries last week. Hint NYCMT hint.)

Emma Jane

You know, there are cleanable electric rice cookers, too. The teflon on ours is holding out pretty well, 11 years on, despite some biryani-ish adventures along the way... I bet it could make it through this recipe with few additional scars. (Convincing my husband on the V8 would be the hard part.)

Gia on Guam

Woah! I first thought I had found a recipe on Chamorro Red Rice but yours is different.

Annato seeds are used to give the rice the lovely red/orange hue. Onions and bacon make it more savory. I have seen some recipes inclue black olives. I will try your recipe and compare it to Chamorro Red Rice.


Producers and Exporters of Rice, Onions, Potatoes, Dry Red Chilies, Black Grem, Tuar Dal, Mysore Dal, Moong Dal, Tamarind, Turmeric, Pepper, Cardamom, Yellow Corn, Coriander Seeds, Groundnut, Cashew Nut.


Hi ,

You mentined that the Charleston Rice Steamer was discontinued...I found a link that may help you with purchasing a new one...Is this the same Steamer as yours?




B Lombardi

I had been looking for one also and finally found one at Charleston Collections in Charleston, SC 843 556 8911. Its the only stovetop steamer I have been able to find...its not quite as sturdy as the one I had previously but it'll do in a pinch

Gordon Goldbach

This is pretty much the recipe I knew when I lived in Charleston, '86-'91 (yeah, Hugo Veteran!!). Have lived in northern Indiana (don't know why) since '95, this is always requested at our get togethers. Once at the store I bought the wrong V-8 (the hot and spicy instead of regular) and made this--guess what? It's the ONLY way to make it!!! Plans are calling for last move in '14 or '15 back to Charleston--why wouldn't anybody want to live there?--with retirement in '20.


how do you clean the red sweet Thai sticky rice? i have been rinsing for a half hour. I do not see color added to the rice on the package. Want to use in a clear soup and afraid it will turn it pink.

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