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August 07, 2005


Glenn Fleishman

There's something about the New York Times reader that requires "quotation marks." I don't know what it is. I write regularly for the Times technology section, and it's very interesting the assumptions that the copy editors make--correctly--about precisely what an educated reader will understand. You know, what's in the common knowledgebase of a businessperson or colllege-educated urban dweller who pays the enormous amount of money to read the Times in print. (Or reads it for free online.)

belle waring

it's not that I don't think they should explain the terms they use when they are likely to be unknown to most readers; it's just something about the formule of dropping "x" (followed by capsule definition of x) into the sentence...no even that's Ok in principle, but they shouldn't do it all the time, or more than once in one article.


So I'm catching up on feeds after a week in Maine, and I read this post. And thought: "Gee, that writing style in the pullquote sounds familiar."

Sure enough, it was my pal Clive (collisiondetection.net) who wrote that. I'll see if I can harass him about this. Not least because he knows very well that folks in NYC and other places were making bad talk shows using the Quake engine in '96 or so. Late 90's, my ass.

(It's incredibly excellent when the internet can randomly throw you opportunities to bug your friends.)


see, for example, fett's vette:



gotta love bobba fett.


I used to work with a guy who put everything in quotes. For example, "I hope you had a 'good time' on vacation. We're really 'glad to have you back.' Here are some things to read to help you get 'up to date'". Those are just unnecessary. But my favorite was, "If I'm not in my office, you can leave the papers with my assitant 'John Jones' who sits next to me." That's where you use commas, my friend; yes, commas. Unless "John Jones" (or whatever the name actually was) was an alias...

Matt Weiner

I am but a New York Times-reading (except I am told that the daily Times is not even for sale in Lubbock--sheesh), non-game-playing, pretentious old dork, but this movie is moving and beautiful. Unfortunately you can't watch it online--in fact given the prices you can't really watch it unless some friendly non-profit brings it to town.

joe o

Here is a halo based talk show that interviews the maker of the movie Matt links to.

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