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September 25, 2005



You should post another "give cash to Gary Farber" thing, sometime. Maybe on CT too? If you want to lionize, presumably money would work just as well as adulation?

David Weman

You didn't to the last update, where he said it was nice while it lasted.

Krugman has always been republished at pkarchive.org. I hope they don't shut him down now, but doubt it. Krugman would be cross.

Gary Farber

"Gary Farber tells us all how we can read all the NYT select wonderfulness."

...for the first day. But, hey, look, my main puzzlement is why 92% of people who can manage to click onto the interwubby couldn't simply look at a normal URL, cut out "select," and see what happened.

I'm still entirely baffled by this thing.

On the other thing, the thing that I posted the thing, it was fascinating that I wound up getting as close to 10,000 hits in a day as I've ever gotten (which, um, was probably ~6,000, but I dream). And my experimenting with asking for $5 donations was, relatively, rather successful.

I dunno, I'm sure I shouldn't speak aloud about my curiosity about fund-raising online. Besides, ooh, Stargate Atlantis in syndication, and all sorts of weird tv stuff this week. And, besides, oh, my, so many worse angsting stuff.

Y'know, it's hard to cope with the Serenity commercials suddenly raining down on broadcast U.S. tv (Rocky Mountain Division). Not to mention the blogfest. I noticed a couple of days ago that Matt Yglesias was suddenly talking Serenity three years to the day I'd first mentioned the thing. There's nothing as feeling defeated as to have spent three years talking something up, having spent endless time coaxing out rare and odd sources, and talking to your people, with the result being that you're only talking to the same people you've been talking to, for, you know, all of the 21st Century, as to see some Big Name Pro come in in the last week, and cruise off talking about the thing you know a thousand times better than him.

It's almost the whole "internet" versus "mainstream media thing" in a nutshell.

Good lord, I should delete this.

Gary Farber

Okay, my self-searching point is probably that those of us who cherish our secret cult loves should get used to the idea that if we actually get people to like them, they're no longer our's, and we need to let them go, and watch more After-School-Specials. Or something. I'm working on it. My main point towards working with the Buddha just now is getting over all the later converts to Firefly/Serenity. I must learn that they, too, have the right, and that's that's the whole point, too.

Thank you for allowing me to focus. It's not as if I have my own blog to think about things aloud in. I must use whatever strange small boxes appear on my browser that I feel an odd attatchment towards.


"It's not as if I have my own blog to think about things aloud in. I must use whatever strange small boxes appear on my browser that I feel an odd attatchment towards."

Mr. Farber, allow me to use someone else's strange small box to say, "you rock."


I must learn that they, too, have the right

But you don't have to like it, and it does spoil it for you. Daniel Boone noted this, once upon a time.

Jim Treacher

They knew something was wrong because the puppy was barking much more sharply.

John Emerson

Relative to me, Belle has considerable lionization powers, but she's not one of the real heavyweights of the lionization trade, unfortunately.

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