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September 27, 2005


Jeremy Osner

This sounds good and non-complicated. I made something very like this for dinner most days when we were in Spain. Maybe I will cook it when company comes over for lunch on Sunday, I think it would go really well with yankee bean soup.

Brad DeLong

This tastes like a potato, bacon, and onion omelette, I presume?

ben wolfson

Or a potato, bacon, and onion fritatta, even?

Scott Lemieux

Bacon--is there anything it can't make tasty?

Jeremy Osner

Oh yeah -- bacon does bad things to e.g. lemon meringue pie. Looks like I will be using kosher sausage in place of bacon on Sunday.


Yay! kosher sausage!


oh, sure, it *tastes* like a potato, onion and bacon frittata or omelette, but it looks waaay different. actually, the reason this is tasty is that the potatoes are drained of oil and so it doesn't seem very greasy inside. also, olive oil and eggs go very nicely together, something I didn't realize until I was like 20; my friend Sacha always fries her eggs in olive oil. mmmm. also nice over spaghetti (the fried egg, I mean.)


This is very similar to one of my favorite quick meals. I always serve it with English peas.

My version varies slightly--I think it's a few minutes faster. I boil the potatoes while frying the onions in the oil; I also add a bit of thyme, a clove of garlic, and often some banana peppers to the onion mixture. Then I slice the boiled potatoes into the onion mixture, cook for only a few minutes, pour in the beaten eggs, and bake a few minutes.


God, I love tortilla. (Frittata, too, for that matter.) It's good without the bacon, too, for vegetarians. (I often do it with red peppers or mushrooms, sliced and sauted with the onions.) I like the potatoes a bit chunkier than Belle's recipe though, so it does take a bit longer to cook.

My experience is that using boiled potatoes tends to make a tortilla a bit soggy. It is quicker and healthier, no doubt. But the potatoes definitely have a better texture and taste if they're cooked in olive oil.


From a Catalan here:

could anyone explain when exactly did the BACON enter this recipe? Sounds delicious, but never saw such a thing in Catalonia.

I know some guys of alpine descent who used to enjoy this dish, maybe they crossed it with Tartifflette, who knows...

Anyway, i'm gonna try it tonight!

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