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September 16, 2005


Richard Zach

And for the grownups, a drink invented by my friend Evany, called a "Swedish Massage": "It's soda, vodka, a little fresh lemon, and lingonberry syrup, that's it! It seems to taste best mixed by the pitcher (which lets you fiddle and adjust everything to taste)." It will help make you feel better, too. (Until next morning.)


I'm just sitting down with an "Auld Alliance" (2 measures Scotch, 1 measure Noilly Pratt, angostura bitters and a splash of cassis). Lovely stuff.


Zoë forgot to include bourbon in the recipe.

ben wolfson

Zoë is such a lush that when she says "water", she means bourbon.

Jane Dark

As long as we're talking about slightly fruity drinks, I'd like to recommend a gingerini: gin, fresh macerated ginger, and lime.

ben wolfson

Sounds similar to the Gin-Gin Mule.

Jane Dark

That gin-gin mule sounds good; I've not actually *had* homemade ginger beer. Maybe some of the fancy-schmancy organic stuff would be suitable.


There was a basement submarine sandwich place in Madison that sold its own homemade ginger beer, in pitchers from under the counter. It'd melt your earwax and rewind your clock. I liked it.

I must find some lingonberry and elderflower syrup for this healing elixir of Zoë's. Angostura bitters aren't cutting it anymore.

ben wolfson

Peach bitters!


Very nice indeed. I'm definitely going to try out the "Swedish Massage" suggested by Richard too... Sounds mmmmm;-)

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