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September 04, 2005


A New York City Math Teacher

Oh, for a moment I thought that stood for What Would Hitler Do?

ben wolfson

Probably go after the electricians.


First they came for the electricians, but I wasn't an electrician, so I said nothing.

Another Damned Medievalist

Thanks! For a minute I was thinking you meant Bush I!

Andrew Reeves


It's usually the Presidential Medal of Freedom that people get for making a complete hash of things, not the Medal of Honor.



a) seized in a frenzy of self-abnegation and guilt, he rushes to join the flood rescue effort and contracts cholera.

b) in order to save the ship and the honour of the nation, he pushes HIMSELF down the White House companionway one moonlit night.

c) racked by a sense of failure after the loss of his prize, he decides not to let anyone know that it was he who made the capture of Osama bin Laden possible by setting fire to his turban, thus slowing him down enough to allow the Renown to catch up with him in the Bay of Biscay. "I think it must have been spontaneous combustion in his beard, sir." "Very well, Mr Hornblower."

d) realises he is incompetent. "Mr Bush! Take command." (Maybe not.)

Another Damned Medievalist

Well, I heard he was taking charge of the investigation himself ...

I feel lots better now

/dripping sarcasm

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