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January 06, 2006


ben wolfson

That is one skinny tie.


Just excellent - guffawing. Glad that you took our nonsense in the right spirit.

Happy New Year, John...

Scott Eric Kaufman

I'm with Adam. Neither of those looks all that much like you. I'll come up with some better one. On that note, we all ought to do this to ourselves. I wonder who I look like? And in what? I'll have to think about this.

The first person who says I look like Groucho sans the grease-paint is 1) absolutely correct and 2) missing the point. Our "others" should be mildly insulting, a la David Brent. I kind of look like Hitler, I think...

Anthony Paul Smith

That's a damn fine suit there.

belle waring

hey, CR, would that be the spirit of being a total asshole?


Oh, I don't think John was being a total asshole. Sure, he's a little funny looking in the gold suit. But not a total asshole.

Merry Xmas! Happy New Year!

ben wolfson

To be a total asshole, he'd have to be wearing a brown suit.


Would I be being obvious to a fault if I explained what Belle was actually saying?

PZ Myers

I'd reassure you that you are actually quite pretty, but I'm trying to oppose the tyranny of appearances, and it would be just another contribution to the idea that we can judge people by how they look, whether they are as lovely as a sylph or as doughy as Jonah Goldberg.

Ray Davis

I'm a blond Groucho myself, Scott. Makes Halloween cheap, anyway: just a little spray-on dye and I'm done.

One year for variety's sake, I added some white greasepaint, a bloody head wound, and a pith helmet to play zombie Captain Spaulding: "Last night, a native shaman shot me in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know."

Ray Davis

My inner like-a-look, though, is definitely Jeffrey Combs. I tried partying as Herbert West one year but, sheeze, what a lot of makeover that took....

Russell Arben Fox

I love the brown suit and skinny tie. But I'm missing the point of the gold paint. Some comment on Ian Fleming, perhaps?


It was Halloween. Belle and I went as Gold and Silver. Whatever that means. We had a goldish-brown suit and a silver wig and some face paint. That's how costumes are born.


I thought maybe I had missed some mercifully brief phase of David Bowie's career -- the C3PO years? -- which you had emulated. Whew!

Jim Treacher

Seona Dancing were superstars in the Phillipines.

belle waring

I guess that's the cut-rate version of being big in Japan.

Jacob T. Levy

Belle and I went as Gold and Silver. Whatever that means.

Retcon: It means you went as Gold and Platinum, from the Metal Men!

The poses and outfits actually do remind me of the Metal Men story in the _Bizarro Comics_ collection...

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