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February 20, 2006



What? That's only true if white horses are points! Are they? No! They're more like line segments. Line segments can form a line, or not, depending on whether they are _aligned_. (Hence the existence of the word.) By saying the two white horses are in a line, he is giving you the additional information that they are aligned, one after the other.

Jeremy Osner

What mealworm said -- exactly what he said. Thanks mealworm for saving me some typing.

Jeremy Osner

That Musil line is very cool though. Hey in a few months somebody named Burton Pike is giving a lecture at the Mercantile Library, called "THE MAN WITHOUT QUALITIES: AN INTRODUCTION". Ought I to go? I have read the first quarter of TMwQ a number of times without getting any closer to reading the second quarter.

Jeremy Osner

And -- sorry about the stream-of-consciousness multiple posting, but I am getting a very cool image in my head now of John H. listening to the Beck song, hearing the "two white horses" line, and picturing the two white horses positioned at random on the Euclidean plane, defining a line, hauling Beck to his burying ground.


I'd say go listen to Pike.

Yeah, that's sort of the image I have now. Two white horses positioned at random on the Euclidean plane. It's a good song.

ben wolfson

Maybe what he just meant to draw your attention to two specific white horses in a longer line of many white horses.

ben wolfson

Strike that "what he".

belle waring

horses are totally line segments. I can't believe I'm married to this joker.

Jeremy Osner

Then two horses situated randomly on the plane will define either a quadrilateral or a line. Where do we attach the hearse? In what direction is the force exerted?

ben wolfson

Clearly, horses are vectors.


For equine encephalitis, at least.

Jeremy Osner

Mad Horse Disease?


Foot and Mouth, at least.
Which is why you *should* look a gift horse in the mouth. At least if you have other horses.

Q the Enchanter

Assume a horse is a sphere...


this song is about cocaine. i've never seen so many people over-think something so much.

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